Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have never been afraid to be me. I have been more afraid to not be me. I have done many things in my life that don't coincide with what a traditional young Indian lady "is supposed to do". I have worked at restaurants as a waitress, lived on my own and with roomates and dated mostly outside of my culture. To sum it up, I've really gone against the current. And a strong current it is. For some reason however, I always knew to trust my own inner voice. Even at a young age, I knew what was right and wrong. Not saying I always adhered to that, but I knew. My life has been pretty difficult as a result, what happens when you don't go with the flow. People get mad. Even people you don't know get mad. But I'm not doing anything to piss anyone off, the opposite in fact, I'm doing what makes me happy so that I can be in a position to make others happy. You don't have to like it, but in the end you will respect it. I know.

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